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GlobalSign to Provide Poland’s Janmedia Partners with SSL Solutions

27 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |

“We made a decision to partner with GlobalSign, Europe’s longest serving Certificate Authority, as it offers the most trusted and inexpensive Code Signing and SSL security options now available in the digital certificate market,” Janmedia hosting director Alicja Baran related in an announcement. “GlobalSign’s digital certificates complement our existing product portfolio and we are anticipating […]

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Younger People & Saving Money

29 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |
Younger adults can do a better job saving for the future of what many experts believe, says a new study.

While those under 30 years tend to save less than older adults in real dollars, it is important to take into account the stage of life and all they can afford to save and how much they can earn in the future, according to Sherman Hanna, co-author of the study and professor of consumer sciences at Ohio State University.

When such factors are taken into account, about 61 percent of those aged 25 and 58 per cent of 35 year olds are spending less of their income, and therefore savings, “said Hanna.

That compares with about 56 percent of 45 and 55 years of age who would be spending less than you earn.

People “All things being equal, young people are actually more likely to report spending less than their income than are older people,” he said.

“That is surprising given the general advice to young people, and suggests that one need not worry much about their saving habits.”

Hanna led the study with Yoonkyung Yuh, a graduate of Ohio State, who is now associate professor of business at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea.

Their study is published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Consumer Affairs.

Hanna said he and Yuh looked at the savings in the context of a cycle of “life” model of consumption and saving.

In general, a life cycle model suggests the number of people saved depends on the stage of life the people, and if they are married and have children or are planning, whether they expect to earn more money in the future, and a variety of other factors.

In this model, savings depends not only on current income, current income but the income from the past and expected future income. In this model, young people may save less in this because they expect to earn more in the future.

“There are lots of factors like these that determine whether someone would be saving a lot or a little at a particular time of life,” said Hanna.

The study used data from 17,565 U.S. households that participated in the surveys of Consumer Finances between 1995 and 2004.

The researchers examined the response of respondents to the question of whether the amount of money they spent last year was more or less of their income. If they said they spent less of their income, they appear as the savings for that year.

They then took into account a number of other factors related to savings, including employment status, income, race and ethnicity, education, marital status, health status and number of children, among others.

The results showed that households with a defendant at least 30 years of age had the highest probability of saving, and this probability generally decreased with age.

Single women were significantly less likely to save of households were married the same conditions.

Black households were less likely to save than white households.

Those who reported their health as poor saved more than those who rated their health as excellent, which makes sense if the expected health problems that medical bills are more expensive, “said Hanna.

One advantage of looking at savings in a life cycle model is that researchers can identify which types of households are saving enough, and they are not.

“The results of this study should help better focus the social marketing programs to save, by identifying households that are making savings mistakes,” he said.

For example, the results suggest that we spend less effort to save young people because they are already saving more than middle-aged households.

Marketing programs to push people to save income households should be targeted middle-aged black, single women and those who are less educated, the results suggest.

“We have a much better idea now that we must convince them to save more of their income,” said Hanna.

Yahoo to spend $100M to rejuvenate brand

28 May, 2022 – 4:33 pm |

Yahoo will invest more than $ 100 million in its latest attempt to rejuvenate one of the best known brands on the Internet is better. The money is poured into a 15-month campaign to begin marketing next week. Yahoo provided a look Tuesday at the Advertising Week bombing in New York. The ads are to […]

Statewide study shows algae toxin a minor threat

28 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |

A toxin produced by freshwater algae has won a lot of media in recent years but a new University of Florida study shows that there is little reason to worry about your presence in the lakes of Florida. The researchers analyzed the water taken from 187 lakes in 38 counties during a period of one […]

Sustainability Whats it really mean for rural decision-makers

26 May, 2022 – 4:36 am |

Scenes from rural areas of the Pacific Northwest, where Kansas State University geographer Lisa Harrington interviewed civic and business leaders about what sustainability means to them. Credit: Photos by Lisa Harrington, Department of Kansas State University geography. From the titles of books for real estate developments, it is easier to find things it claims to […]

New discovery reveals fate of nanoparticles in human cells

23 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |

Scientists funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) have discovered what happens to nanoparticles when they enter biomimetic human cells. They found that the important proteins that form the outer layer of the nanoparticles are degraded by an enzyme called cathepsin L. Scientists now have to take into account this phenomenon and […]

New findings could help hybrid, electric cars keep their cool

22 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |

Researchers have determined precisely how fluid boils in tiny “microchannels,” creating formulas and models that will help engineers design systems to cool high-power electronics in electric and hybrid cars, aircraft, computers, and other applications. Here, Purdue University doctoral student Tannaz Harirchian holds up special chips provided by Delphi Electronics and Safety that she and Professor […]

Go Daddy On the Road To Become Biggest SSL Provider In The World

20 May, 2022 – 4:32 pm |

Secure Server Survey Report, Netcraft states, “If VeriSign and Go Father’s market shares continue to come together as they’ve been since 2006, they look set to cross in about eighteen months’ time.”[1]. Very similar to website names and Web hosting, Go Father identified a market that was expensive and underserved, then decided to go into […]

Bing increases US search share

20 May, 2022 – 4:34 am |

New Microsoft search engine Bing got a slight increase in their share of the U.S. search market in August, the third straight month of gains, according to tracking firm comScore online. Bing, the Redmond, Washington-based software giant announced in late May, increasing its market share to 9.3 percent in August from 8.9 percent in July and […]

Multi-use device can shed light on oxygen intake

19 May, 2022 – 4:33 pm |

A fiber optic sensor developed by a team of researchers at Purdue University, which is capable of measuring oxygen consumption rates could have broad applications ranging from development of plants from roots to the evaluation of drug efficacy chemotherapy. Optrode self-reference, developed in the laboratory of Marshall Porterfield, associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering, […]

Software Firm, Ensim, Enables Largest OCS Deployment

16 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |

Provider change management, user provisioning and access control software, Ensim Unify, providing provisioning and management of Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS), accelerating the deployment of more than 150,000 customers in places. Described as currently the largest single installation of OCS in North America in less than 90 days, SCO Manager Ensim solve all the main […]

Paper transistor Could offer alternative to silicon

15 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |

As technology advances, scientists look for ways to improve applications and electronic devices. In fact, the electronics are getting smaller and more diverse. And as this happens, there is a greater need for flexibility in the transistors that make electronic devices that want to work. Unfortunately, silicon and polymers can not fulfill the necessary requirements […]

Solar Home Built by Students

14 May, 2022 – 4:32 pm |

Students from the Boston Architectural College (BAC) and Tufts University have presented a completely solar house, the Chamber of Curio, as New England’s entry into the Solar Decathlon competition. Entry is one of 20 designs of the university student teams competing for this year’s award for best solar house design. The solar house will be […]

Motion Activated Headphones MH907 Introduced by Sony Ericsson

9 May, 2022 – 4:32 pm |

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the first movement headphones activated whenever the user makes sense. The earphones smart MH907 mean that users only have to connect two headsets to begin listening to music and pause to remove a headset. To start listening again, simply reconnect it to do exactly the same answer and end calls – […]

Domain Names Continue to Grow, Reaching 184 Million

8 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |

Domain names are still showing growth across the Internet, according to the second quarter 2009 Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), a provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world. The second quarter of 2009 ended with a total base of 184 million domain name registrations in all top level […]

Feeding the Twitter Beast with NTT America

5 May, 2022 – 4:32 am |

The People at ( NTT America’s data centers in Silicon Valley is not necessary to click on to find out when a huge news event that is happening. It could be a terrorist attack in the Middle East. Or a big play during the Super Bowl. Or a change of spirit in a high-profile elections. […]

EU Launch Informal Talks on Microsoft, Yahoo Deal

30 April, 2022 – 4:33 am |

Antitrust regulators in the EU have been involved in informal talks with Microsoft ( and Yahoo ( in conjunction with the association of search engines, according to several reports citing a source familiar with the situation. So far it is too early to see if the EU executive will result in a formal conversation, antitrust […]

NYSE to Build Trading Data Center in New Jersey

8 April, 2022 – 4:34 pm |

However, another data center for trade of low latency is being built in New Jersey, this time by the exchange group’s largest and most liquid in the world, NYSE Euronext (, which expects to complete its 400,000 square-foot data center in 2010. Expected to be a cornerstone of the New York Stock Exchange’s main data […]

Microsoft to Soon Issue Patch for IIS Flaw

8 April, 2022 – 4:34 am |

Despite making promises last week to fix a flaw in its Internet Information Server, many analysts say is unlikely that Microsoft ( will be able to prepare the fix in time the release of Tuesday’s regular monthly patch . Last Tuesday, the software giant issued a security warning for official error in three previous versions […]

No Dollars and No Time Solutions from Sonasoft

26 March, 2022 – 4:32 am |

In today’s busy IT world, both time and cash are premium commodities.  IT professionals are looking to save both cash and time. With the arrival of virtualization, shoppers may be able to reduce operational costs and improve system potency. The very next step in this evolution is to consolidate multiple functions and applications onto those […]

Yahoo! Buys Arab Web Portal as Part of Middle East Expansion

18 March, 2022 – 4:32 am |

In order to snare a regional online advertising market which will increase as much as forty % this year, web search provider Yahoo. According to Yahoo’s statement this week, Web users in the area will find advantages in the mixture of Yahoo’s products and services with Maktoob’s forcing local content, which now reaches a 3rd […]

Foreclosure guilts

17 March, 2022 – 4:32 pm |

At the moment, Anya Sanko should be enjoying the thrill of being a first-time house buyer.  She bided her time, saved her cash and leapt into the market in time to snap up a 1,785-square-foot home with a pool for $143,000. Yet Sanko, 37, has a tough time celebrating. Her mum and dad lost their […]

Street Lights Turned Off

17 March, 2022 – 4:32 am |

The old school streetlight is the recession’s latest victim. To save cash, some towns and cities are turning off lights, regularly plenty of them. The cost-cutting moves coincide with changing angles about streetlights. Once viewed as useful safety measures, the lights are increasingly seen by some public officers and researchers as an environmental issue, making […]

Economy could be getting better

16 March, 2022 – 4:32 pm |

The economy shrank at an once a year rate of 1% in the spring, a better-than-expected showing and more proof the recession is drawing to a close. Many researchers think the economy is growing in this quarter, but they caution that any rebound won’t be accompanied at first by rising job. Jobless claims figures released […]

Mercury spokesmodel Jill Wagner

15 March, 2022 – 4:33 pm |

It’s fair to claim that since Apr of 2005, we have all paid more attention to Mercury. While the marque’s products have gradually improved along with those of parent company Ford, it has been the brand’s spokesmodel which has made us perk up and take notice. Quite simply, we have put Mercury ‘on our list’ […]

Porsche reveals new 911 GT3 Cup racer

15 March, 2022 – 4:35 am |

On any given weekend, Porsche GT3 Cup automobiles are racing on circuits around the planet. it is a trackside fixture, and nearly anyone seriously competing in sports vehicle racing at some point gets behind the wheel of the GT3 Cup. There are numerous series and racing classes set up around the planet just for this […]

Gress Grand Monaco

14 March, 2022 – 4:33 pm |

If Vertu thought they’d the marketplace for four-figure carbon fiber cell telephones all to themselves, they can think again as Russia’s top of the range electronics firm Gresso has narrated the new Grand Monaco. Not only is Gresso’s latest named for the most renowned race in the world, it’s also built using race-derived materials like […]

MINI Coupé 50 years old Today

14 March, 2022 – 4:32 am |

Rumours have been swirling for months about what BMW would do on Aug twenty-six, 2009 for its Mini brand. In fact, that’s the fiftieth anniversary of the general public debut of Alec Issigonis’ original Mini. With lots of the speculation rotating around either a coupe or some sort of cropped window speedster, it turns out […]