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3 July, 2020 – 4:32 am |

Supplier of info technology solutions for tiny and medium-sized companies, BackMesh, has developed its Optimized Drupal Hosting Platform, in particular engineered to provide trustworthy, scalable hosting capacities for Drupal-based sites. BlackMesh’s customizable solution is intended to enable Drupal developers to enhance the performance of their internet sites, while at the same time boost and shed […]

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إذا كنت حاملا ، اكل الشوكولاته

31 December, 2019 – 4:35 pm |

فإنه يمكن أن يخفض من خطر تسمم الحمل ، والحمل الناجم عن ارتفاع ضغط الدم الذي يمكن أن تهدد حياة كل من الأم والطفل. وطلب باحثون في جامعة ييل ما يقرب من 1700 نساء حول عاداتهم الغذائية خلال فترة الحمل ، بما في ذلك مدى يأكلون الشوكولاته. تحولت تلك التي أكلت أكثر من الشوكولاته لديها […]

Nëse jeni shtatzënë, Hani çokollatë

31 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

Kjo mund të ulur rrezikun e preeclampsia, shtatzënisë-i detyruar tension të lartë që mund të kërcënojnë jetën e nënës dhe të fëmijës. Hulumtuesit në Yale pyetur rreth 1.700 gra për shprehitë e tyre të hahet gjatë shtatzënisë, duke përfshirë sa çokollatë ata hëngrën. Ata që kanë ngrënë çokollatë më doli të kanë normat më të […]

Test before trashing

30 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

Again, I’m looking for middle ground – the balance in a world increasingly polarized. Earlier this summer, I wrote a series of blog posts of Isthmus on electronic cigarettes. Has generated the most heated and prolonged debate on what I’ve written, it took me by surprise. Why the hell did these cigarettes no substitute […]

Fashion favorites are classics

30 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

While the thought of an appropriate topic for this week’s article, I realized something interesting: it hardly ever let my readers know what is in my closet these days. Believe me that much, but there are some parts that are more evident when examined through my closet. My tastes are constantly changing and often that […]

FDA Looking to Regulate E-Cigarettes

29 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

The growing success of the electronic cigarette is being fulfilled by the FDA in an attempt to regulate the devices and cartridges of nicotine / components such as drugs. Last week the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent letters to five of the electronic cigarette – E-CigaretteDirect LLC, Ruyan America Inc., Gamucci America (Smokey Bayou […]

Kaspersky Lab and Axigen Partner

29 December, 2019 – 4:34 am |

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure solutions for content management, and Axigen, a provider of professional messaging solutions, today announced they have signed a technology agreement to integrate Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning anti-malware engine in Axigen messaging platform. The next release of packaged goods Axigen-Kaspersky aims to offer companies of all sizes and service providers […]

Consider Joining a Live Casino Online

28 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

Now that cooler weather is here we have to live with the fact that we will be stuck inside most of the time. Just the thought of the darkest days ahead of us and the lack of fresh air and sun is enough for anyone. However, instead of feeling sad because the weather is not […]

Harrah’s Casino Will Soon Have Instant Play Capability

28 December, 2019 – 4:33 am |

The casinos of Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other mega gaming destinations around the world are feeling the changes that online gaming is driving the industry. Some have decided to accept the bet the Internet as a step in the realization of appeal of the game by making it more accessible and popular. Today we […]

Dangers of smoking electronic cigarettes

27 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

Pharmacies, herbalists, shopping and, of course, the Internet. More and more people coming together to fashion the electronic cigarette. Under very similar to that of conventional cigarettes, it hides a battery and load with or without nicotineSeasoned with different flavors (vanilla, mint snuff …) and other ingredients. But is it a safe alternative? Need help […]

Church baks Drug Rehab Project

27 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

A project created to support drug addicts Moray is gaining momentum, now that a local church has joined forces with a charity rehabilitation. John Coppard, a pastor of Riverside Church, Buckie, and his wife Irene, have raised £ 1,000 in an effort to help young people to overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. The […]

Malibu Rehab Center Hires New Clinical Psychologist

26 December, 2019 – 4:33 pm |

Passages Malibu recently hired Dr. Amy Reichenbach do clinical psychology with customers and to the rehabilitation center in Ventura. As part of comprehensive treatment program, Dr. Reichenbach is responsible for the treatment of addictions to food, as well as ensuring that customers do not develop a bond with unhealthy foods, while overcoming addiction to alcohol […]

Larry Brockhoff saved six lives as a Police Officer

26 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

Larry Brockhoff Higginsville, Missouri: Who When and how he died: Aug. 20 of cancer and kidney failure. Age: 69 A tough guy, “My dad was like Clint Eastwood’s character in ‘Gran Torino’ from the movie – which was difficult as that,” said Larry’s daughter, Suzanne Brockhoff. Larry was the nickname of “Butch” by his grandfather, […]

Innovative New Street Sweeper

25 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

Tennant Company / quotes/comstock/13 *! Tnc / Sales / nls / CNC (CNC 32.03, 1.73, 5.71%), a global leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, healthier world, today introduced a new generation of street sweepers and great style innovation, the compact A85 Tennant. The Tennant A85 features a pneumatic suspension […]

Hurricane Electric Expands Network Connectivity

25 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

Portland, OR – Hurricane Electric, the world’s largest Internet backbone IPv6 native and a leading provider of installation, announced today that it has established a point of presence (PoP) in the Pittock Internet Exchange. “New Hurricane Electric is the point of presence will give users of the facilities Pittock of the ability to directly access […]

ServInt names Mike Witty as Director of Network Compliance

24 December, 2019 – 4:34 pm |

ServInt today announced it has appointed Mike ingenious to the new position of Director of Network Compliance. ServInt ingenious joined in 2000 as a member of his support team Managed Services customers. ServInt’s network processing performance has far-reaching effects on the integrity of the network infrastructure of the company. In his new position, witty leader […]

Xand Provides Kubisys Thin Capture Technology to Hosting Customers

24 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

Increase their managed hosting services, X and Y ( has partnered with data center provider Kubisys software ( to offer its “capture fine” The technology, which offers organizations the ability to quickly and easily create clones of your production environment for testing software. According to the announcement of X and Y on Thursday, X and […]

Rackspace Terminates Hosting Agreement with Organizer of 9/11 Koran Burning

23 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

A small church in Florida who has been making headlines in the world for its planned burning of the Koran on the anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, has canceled its contract with Rackspace hosting ( effectively closing the church website, According to a CNN report, the Vatican, U.S. Secretary of State, […]

Colocation Firm Latisys Names Data Center Operations Manager

23 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

Placement and managed hosting provider Latisys ( announced Thursday it has named Robert Martin and data center operations manager in Orange County. The announcement comes a day after Latisys revealed it is building its second data center in Irvine, California. As data center operations manager, Martin will be responsible for daily operations for the company’s […]

Colocation Firm ViaWest Names EVP of Sales and Marketing

22 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

Placement and managed services provider ViaWest ( announced Thursday that it has appointed Paul Gerrard as VP of sales and marketing executive. The appointment comes just two weeks after the company announced that Bob Newman named senior vice president of service delivery. Gerrard will be responsible for overall direction and strategy of organic growth in […]

ServInt Appoints Director of Network Compliance

22 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

Web hosting provider ServInt ( announced Thursday that it has appointed Mike ingenious to the new position of director of network compliance. The announcement comes after months ServInt James Tricarico last appointment to the new position of director of managed services. ServInt ingenious joined in 2000 as a member of his support team managed services […]

Are All Degrees Created Equal?

21 December, 2019 – 4:33 pm |

Many people with college degrees are willing to trade their securities for bearing the names of Harvard, Stanford or Columbia University. No doubt the sex appeal of a renowned university when he goes in search of work. Recruiters love “name” schools. Its stock procurement will be much greater if you went to Northwestern University, that […]

Off to College

21 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

Not too cold in the air, and reminds me of an experience he never had. Like most women my age, I’ve seen the 1970 film “Love Story”, set in a place that, compared to my working-class neighborhood in Dallas, it seemed magical. The houses had two stories, one road ends in the ocean, the leaves […]

Intermedia Launches Affiliate Program in Europe

20 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

Intermedia has announced today that the Middle Affiliate Program is being expanded to the UK and Europe. Intermedia has continued to cement its position as global supplier of choice for Hosted Exchange, with over 5,000 members worldwide. The affiliate program in the UK is managed by the London Middle Office, and new partners in the […]

Lincoln Property Acquires Data Center Brokerage Firm Rackhouse

20 December, 2019 – 4:33 am |

Real estate management and property management firm Lincoln Property Company ( said Wednesday it has acquired the brokerage firm data center Rackhouse Group ( Rackhouse, based in Dallas, focuses exclusively on mission critical real estate throughout the U.S., representing organizations seeking space off-site data center. The company provides data center tenant representation, site selection and […]

RIM Buys Assets of Mobile Software Developer DataViz

19 December, 2019 – 4:32 pm |

Research in Motion (, the company behind the BlackBerry smartphones, has acquired certain assets of software development DataViz ( and most of its employees, according to reports. “RIM has acquired certain assets of DataViz and hired most of its employees to focus on supporting the BlackBerry platform, RIM said in a statement to digital daily […]

CloudLinux, Ksplice Offer Rebootless Linux Distribution

19 December, 2019 – 4:32 am |

Hosting service provider software development management CloudLinux ( and software developer Ksplice ( announced Wednesday they have launched with CloudLinux Ksplice Uptrack offering Linux distribution designed rebootless for hosting providers. The move follows the recent launch of the service Ksplice Uptrack for Fedora Linux, making it the latest distribution of Linux to install the crucial […]