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Dangers of smoking electronic cigarettes

Submitted by on 8 July, 2021 – 4:32 am

Pharmacies, herbalists, shopping and, of course, the Internet. More and more people coming together to fashion the electronic cigarette. Under very similar to that of conventional cigarettes, it hides a battery and load with or without nicotineSeasoned with different flavors (vanilla, mint snuff …) and other ingredients. But is it a safe alternative? Need help quitting? Well, for now, it seems that neither one nor the other.U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English) analyzed several brands of these e-cigarettes and noted the presence of carcinogenic substances (nitrosamines, for example) and toxic (such as diethylene glycol, an antifreeze). All this without forgetting the nicotine, Juan Antonio Riesco Miranda, vice president of the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR), is not always reflected in the composition of the charges.In fact, little more than a week, the FDA took a step further and warned five companies that manufacture these devices, which are accused of violating the law, “he says without trying hard and the use of poor manufacturing practices.” And calls to “cooperate with the agency to ensure that these devices are safe and effective in using them to try.”The World Health Organization (WHO) also seems to fly behind the ear, and two years ago, cautioned that there is no evidence to demonstrate safety or efficacy of these e-cigarettes. In fact, the claim limitation is used as an aid to quit smoking. They would have to have scientific support and comply with legislation governing other products approved for this purpose (gum, drugs, patches, nicotine lozenges and specific).In Spain, explains Dr. Ries, an expert on smoking, “the manufacturers of these products benefit from a loophole that the Administration should take into account.” In fact, they are not regulated as drugs or medical devices.In a similar vein to that of the FDA and WHO, the pulmonologist, emphasized that “the data are very contradictory, I do not know the substances they contain and therefore can not predict its effects.” In fact, at present, there are few scientific studies evaluating the pros and cons of these electronic cigarettes. One of the most recent, published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, says that when smokers, users need to suck harder. But there are insufficient data to clarify whether this action is or is not harmful.In addition to ignorance about their safety, smoking cessation specialists to help highlight their ineffectiveness against snuff. “They have an impact on the inegative in prevention.Not only very similar to cigarettes, but keep the same gesture is done by smoking, which did not help at all,” said a member of the SEPAR. And states that are not regulated like smoking cessation support. “For saving treatments exist – the e-cigarette between 40 and 60 euros, and have a scientific background,” he adds.Although there may be marketed with the statement, the fact is that most users tend to buy what, if not quitting, reduce consumption of intent tabaco.Una resulting in a marked increase in sales. Or at least he recognizes a pharmaceutical product in Madrid highlights the success of the product that is exposed on the counter.smoke-free spaces snuff is another possible use of these fake cigarettes. Manufacturers stress that can be used where it is not allowed to light a cigarette and, with it, cope better with the monkey. But how do you get if some say they do not contain nicotine? “We do not know what real power is back. But it is clear that continues to confuse public opinion,” complains Riesco.

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