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Mercury spokesmodel Jill Wagner

Submitted by on 15 March, 2022 – 4:33 pm

It’s fair to claim that since Apr of 2005, we have all paid more attention to Mercury.

While the marque’s products have gradually improved along with those of parent company Ford, it has been the brand’s spokesmodel which has made us perk up and take notice. Quite simply, we have put Mercury ‘on our list’ as the Blue Oval has put actress Jill Wagner out in front of its wares.

A Winston-Salem, North Carolina southern belle at heart, we had heard thru the grapevine that Mercury’s surprising spokesmodel was also a practical car gal. We would have liked to find out for ourselves, so Jill was kind enough to make a little time to communicate with us as she revved up to start filming another round of ABC’s Wipeout, where she’s in her 3rd season as co-host of the hindrance course fact television series.

AB : we needed to ask you some questions that are maybe slightly different than your common Hollywood entertainment publication interviews since we are more car-related. We understand you have got some car history as well as your Mercury campaign?

JW : Right my dad has a tire shop in North Carolina he always was sort of a wheeler and a dealer. I’d return home and he’d have old Cadillacs that he’d purchased automobiles that he’d fix up and sell. He’d always have a new automobile each week that he was attempting to sell. I was always at the tire shop responding telephones and stuff, goofing around with the vehicles, so yeah, I’m in possession of a love for automobiles.

AB : so that the Mercury campaign was a natural fit for you then?

JW : It was funny, because in the audition, they have this chair, and they sat it in the middle of the room, and they were like, ‘Okay, that is your automobile walk around and talk about it.’ And I suspect by the end of the audition, the girl was like, “Okay, I don’t have any idea what a carburetor is, I haven’t got any idea what you are talking about, but it sounds good.” It was supposed to be.

AB : You have actually been an established contributor to the Mercury brand, since 2005 or so?

AB : That is a while in this business. Everyone comes up to me and claims, “We can’t believe you have been the spokesman for that long, and I am like I assume if you look around, there are not that many folk that have been spokespeople for that long.

AB : Coming from the ‘car guy’ standpoint, Mercury is an auto brand which has had trouble finding a genuine brand identity among the purchasing public. Actually, we’ve heard from some that you are really more recognizable than the brand you are selling. I am fairly excited about the thing is, I like the indisputable fact that folks will say ‘I never truly knew about Mercury before I began to see your commercials’ and I am glad I could do that for the company.

Actually, it’s pulling up at this time, I am leaving the dentist at this time.

AB : do you have any other automobiles too? Are you a classic vehicle person at all? I do but I am not authorized to chat about any other sorts of automobiles, because clearly I am the spokesman for Mercury. But I can say this I am an enormous, large lover of vintage vehicles.

JW : that’s correct, yeah and naturally it’s got Bradley Cooper in it, so I’m presuming it may be funny.

You know, that is all truly up in the air, but I know I have been in 3 times now for it, so it may perhaps it might occur, I’m not sure ( giggles ) it’s all up in the air but I might like to be part of that simply to work with Mr T.

AB : you never can say, remakes regularly have cameos with original characters like that.

JW : You know what, though? He might be I am not sure I would love to understand, but I don’t believe they have even cast that personality yet.

AB : He is doubtless attempting to find work, right? He’s a couple of commercials.

JW : Wipeout’s great we are simply shaping up to start the 3rd season.

It’s a bit silly that my job is going and having a great time and being a kid the entire day.

JW : Right, you understand you like your job. 

But getting back to you, are we able to go back to your infancy a little bit? What was your first automobile or your first automobile memory?

JW : Oh, God, my pa had this old, rough up, brown I do not even I believe it seemed to be a Ford all I know is you might hardly even tell it appeared to be a wagon, it got so rough up he used to haul tires in it.

That is my first memory that is just about what he took us to faculty in each day. It was a little beater, y’know? Naturally, my pop has a liking for speed, so he always was into the Corvettes. He had a yellow Corvette, which I believe when I was 15, I lifted, and I drove it down the line. Of course, with this huge, bright yellow Corvette, all of the neighbors saw that I was driving the auto, and so naturally he got 5 telephone calls. It was literally automobiles everywhere lots of Cadillacs made it out and in of my household. Naturally, then I crashed it into a tree going ninety mph.

AB : You know, if you are going to go, you may as well go large. You know, the Mariner is an automated, but if I am going to have a sports automobile, it should be a stick.

AB : It’s good to hear that you are obsessed about vehicles considering your job. Everybody at Mercury has been actually cool they’re a bit like family they let me have a lot of input and let me do my thing, so I do not feel so ‘spokespersony’ they try to bring plenty of Jill into the commercials, which is actually cool.

AB : You have been doing this since 2005 and it appears to be what folk know you perhaps not most but rather a lot for. Has that been something that’s tough to overcome for the remainder of your career? If you do one thing in Hollywood for too much time, you can get pigeonholed or typecast, right?

JW : You know, I hear that all of the time, and I sort of just go with the flow.

It’s nice I appreciate what Mercury has done with my career. If folks have an issue with it and they just think that I am the commercial girl, so be it. I suspect that in the future, you have to show folks you have the talent and that you are not an one trick pony. Folk are going to believe what they are going to believe and have their concepts, but I do not buy into all of that.

AB : What does Mercury stand for to you what does it represent? Which, if you were raised in the Wagner household ( smirks ) that has a tendency to be a vital thing. It’s good I am driving one at this time, and it’s a fantastic automobile and I am not simply saying that ( smirks ). The half-breed is astounding because I am out here in L.A.

AB : It’s kind of tough to be a vehicle fan in L.A, though everyone apparently is. You are stuck in traffic all of the time, although I guess that’s probably excellent for your half-breed.

JW : You know, it is so funny because I am chatting to my grandma while I am driving in the vehicle and she is saying “Oh, no.

Don’t talk to me on the telephone, you will get into a wreck.” And I say, “Grandma, I am not even going twenty miles per hour, I am stuck in traffic.

AB : We know you have to get going, so many thanks so much for your time and for responding our questions.

We wish you all of the best, and maybe we’ll see one another at a vehicle show down the line.

AB : we may do that we shall definitely do that.

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