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Perhaps following the example of data center of Google chillerless Belgium ( new technology giant Microsoft’s mega data center in Dublin is based almost entirely on free cooling. First announced in June, the Microsoft data generation 3 mega center officially opened in July. The data center is designed to support “the company’s software plus services” […]

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Outdoors and Allergies

Submitted by on 12 March, 2018 – 4:32 pm

Allergies are not a recipe for a life of prison to the indoors.  There are ways to manage symptoms to help you out.

If you have seasonal allergies, may shake (and cold) at the thought of venturing outdoors for pleasure, but with proper care, you can go play golf, have a run around the block, or whatever is you enjoy – keep your allergies under control.

Seasonal and environmental allergies have to be taken into account when playing outdoors. spring, summer or fall, you have to check the amount of pollen and the weather before heading out to meet any sports activity. (Check the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Web site – – for prognosis of allergy in your neighborhood), pollen counts are generally higher 5-10 am According to Dr. Clifford Bassett, a New York City-based allergist and vice president of the Public Education Committee of the AAAAI, the best time to exercise outdoors during allergy season are in the afternoon, when pollen counts are down, on a humid day and overcast and, if possible, just after a rain season, when rain temporarily wash pollen and air pollutants.

allergy sufferers, who often also suffer from asthma should be cautious when it comes to any sport or outdoor activity for the first time. Avoid overdoing the forest or heavy vegetation, it is best to stick to the sidewalk while walking. Better yet, take a bath, water sports could be the best you can make an allergy sufferer should be to keep the pollen dragged. Beaches, lakes and rivers also tend to be more pollen-free pools. cold weather sports are usually in people allergic to excel, but those with asthma should be especially aware of the high altitude (above 5,000 feet) and extreme cold, as both can trigger seizures. Conversely, if you suffer from eczema, a common side effect of allergies, heat and sun exposure can cause a rupture, so remember to protect themselves accordingly (with appropriate clothing and sunscreen), even if you enjoy as a spectator sport.

Additional tips:

same arm: Bring a clean towel when you exercise outdoors so you can wipe the sweat and pollen to minimize accumulation. And if you should garden or mowing the lawn, wear a protective mask.Don t ‘forget your eyes: Wear sunglasses or large enclosure to minimize the amount of pollen (up to 50 percent) that gets in your eyes , producing the telltale red, itchy, watery irritation.Lather, rinse, repeat: shower and shampoo right after being outdoors, and put your clothes straight into the clothes, to wash the pollen that has accumulated in your body, hair and clothes.A dose of prevention: Take your allergy medication every day to keep your allergy symptoms at bay. Dr. Bassett advises that if your allergy symptoms involve sneezing or watery eyes and itching, an antihistamine that works best. If you have nasal congestion, nasal steroid spray will help you get the relief they need.Don t “let the bugs bug: If you are allergic to any insect bites, such as bees, you know you should be extremely careful : Do not wear perfume or strong scents that might make it attractive to insects, and carry emergency medication such as self-injection of epinephrine (EpiPen), if possible.


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