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College Students Became Mini-Media Moguls

Submitted by on 20 June, 2021 – 4:32 am

In April 2007, Zephyr Basin reached school biology seminar by midday – and immediately zoned out. Instead of learning science, sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst held a “session-wide fashion.” As the professor talked about the agencies and evolution, Basin focused on his fellow students kits and accessories, exploration of something new, elegant or trendy.

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Suddenly, in mid-conference, which saw a show that made her smile: A bright white shiny patent leather headband, wearing a classmate two rows in front of her. His brain raced with possibilities for other students. If they go to patents, imitation leather or plastic? If dancing the width or mini size? And if you throw on the bed soaked head or a more elegant updo?
In the end, the talk was not biology. “The science just is not mine,” admitted Basin. But the class was a success from the standpoint of haute couture, and Basin has a blog post to prove it.
The treaty was a brilliant diadem entries first published in the School of Fashion, a blog Basin began on a whim, while a student at the University of Massachusetts. Quickly turned into a brand name is known and followed throughout the world.
College Fashion is a trendsetter, is the fashion blog for the first time college students for college students. It is also very popular, with over one million page views per month. (It was identified to me by fans of St. Petersburg, Florida, Singapore, simply by its acronym, CF).
“I’ve never been a person who has felt like the school is so important, because I feel

Zephyr Basin
can learn much more in real life, “Basin said.” I kind of miss school a lot to see my site, but he managed to do quite well. I graduated with a GPA of 3.5. So definitely not ruin my academic … CF but definitely became my main hobby. It was my extracurricular activity. ”
Basin is part of a select group of students who have built off new media niche – and become a star – while still in school. Although student entrepreneurs is not new, it seems that more and more of them are taking advantage of the turmoil in the media world to assert their claim.
School Employers
These are just some examples: Derek Flanzraich launched a satirical news program based on web and online TV network, Harvard University Undergraduate Television Network, while Harvard University. Brian Stelter, now a reporter for the New York Times, began TVNewser, the must-read blog news media industry, while at Towson University. Ryan Dunn and Dave Hendricks co-founded an online university multimedia content services, while the exchange at the University of Ohio. Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen launched College Humor, the comedy Web site, while at the University of Richmond and Wake Forest University.
These pioneers, and the increasing number of students who remain in place, are upending the establishment of the media age. They are also realigning higher education by creating personal fiefdoms of media and large-scale organizations without relying on traditional leg-ups as an internship, a campus newspaper editorial message, an advanced course, a campus work study, or a college degree.
For example, Wesleyan University junior Peter Frank work more than five hours a day in place CollegeACB student network. There is still time for classes, a sports club, and socialization, but as I said in May, “[CBA] is my primary college experience.”
Printing a magazine profile of May ACB confirmed as its top priority, “Peter Frank is a busy man these days, three months ago, the company closed a major deal that increased its business and workload of ten Sometimes at night now, he is designing a vision .., developing new product features and selling space to advertisers. Then he will take a business call and respond to emails. And once you have done with that, he still has to study for a Psych final and get dinner before the dining room closes. ”
For a millennium after the media like Frank enterprising students, college is not a way station on the road to success. There is a farming system to improve future career prospects. There is an opportunity to earn credits and time to wait for the next step. An end – and education – for themselves.
Before the enterprise class
However, the real learning is happening in class. In contrast, students in line-ups and personal branding has become its most influential educational vehicles.
“My school work definitely took a beating as a result of College Humor,” Abramson admitted. “I have a lot more excited about building something that works in a real case study in business class or something … Every second I was free he went to work on the site. You know, when everyone was in the library working on homework, I was in my room, email Ricky [Van Veen], trying to sell a listing agreement or something more specific in College Humor. ”
Kelly Sutton has similar memories about their efforts co-founder and supervision of student councils HackCollege site while at Loyola Marymount University. Began without a plan. Sutton, 19 at the time, enjoyed reading the popular productivity blog Lifehacker and I just thought: “Hey, there must be a Lifehacker for college students, and I’ll do that ‘.”
In his opening message, Sutton admitted he did not expect the site to make a big impact. “We have joined the ranks of the 100 million people in the blogosphere,” he wrote. “They say a new blog is created every half second. So I guess 6:03:31.5 is our second semester.”
For Sutton, the second half extended to more than three years, 10 semesters, and seats 500. It spread to hundreds, thousands, then hundreds of thousands of unique visitors. He led the technology conferences around the country. He separated a popular podcast, an online video series, a British version of the site, a technology consulting service, and T-shirts, even patented. Became the vehicle through which he obtained scholarships, media attention, public recognition, and a post-graduate work in New York as a software developer Over time, he consumed his college experience.
“The chances that the outcome of HackCollege walked past and overcome any definition of ‘wait,'” said Sutton. “My last years of the school is characterized more by flying to the ends of random tests or U.S. long-term projects.”
He said: “It does not take much to start a blog and write for that every day is the hardest thing in the world, but all you have to learn about doing that is very, very difficult.”
Specialty Extracurrculars
Almost simultaneously, three time zones away, Derek Flanzraich also found its main line college experience – from news web series faux Time and Harvard University fledged Undergraduate Online Television Network Harvard University.
“On a personal level, this is what I live and I do not think I’ve learned more than any experience I have with Harvard University and HUTV time,” he said. “When people ask me what important, I tell them ‘extracurricular. Much as they usually think I’m kidding, it’s really serious. That said, I’m a good student. I just made it very clear that there is where my focus has been. ”
The final value of the college experience, in the eyes of undergraduate business: The time and financial freedom it offers to experience.
“I do not think I could have started my site if they had been in college,” Basin said. “The university is great because my parents paid for everything. I did not have to worry about meals. Do not have to worry about housing. And my classes were even easier for me … So I could only work in my site all the time. “

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