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16 September, 2021 – 4:32 pm |

London – EXAGRES Systems, Inc., the leader in cost-effective and scalable solutions based backup to disk with data deduplication, today announced DeltaZone ™ deduplication, deduplication algorithm first that allows both aware deduplication generic and content while maintaining scalability of performance. For the first time, with DeltaZone deduplication, customers can now use generic byte-level or byte […]

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Apple Fixes iPhone Security Flaw

21 May, 2021 – 4:32 pm |

Apple says it has a fix for the browser security flaw discovered earlier this week in SOI power devices. Apple now says it has a fix for the browser security flaw was discovered recently in SOI power devices. Since the developers released the latest software hack jailbreak for the iPhone over the weekend, it became […]

South Korea approves sale of Apple’s iPhone

11 December, 2020 – 4:33 am |

A customer walks past a screen showing an iPhone in a local store in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009. Telecommunications regulator in South Korea said Wednesday it has given its approval for Apple Inc. ‘s iPhone hit to be sold in the country. Telecommunications regulator (AP) – South Korea said Wednesday it has […]

New accounting rules mean boost to Apple & others

1 December, 2020 – 4:32 am |

Regulators approved changes to accounting rules Wednesday that will make the short term sales and profits seem higher in technology companies for the sale of certain gadgets that combine hardware and software. Under the old rules, companies like Apple Inc. had to spread the revenue from the sale of an iPhone over two years, the […]

Mirror Image Offers Multi-Protocol Video Streaming with iPhone Support

28 September, 2020 – 4:32 am |

Content Delivery Network solutions provider Mirror Image Internet ( has added video on demand and live media streaming H.264 for the Apple iPhone, making the mirror image CDN only way to combine the capabilities of multi-protocol transmission of such a single source of media. According to its announcement Wednesday, Mirror Image allows content owners H.264 […]

Zune HD Specs

10 August, 2020 – 4:32 pm |

Excitement for the Zune HD appears to be building in the blogosphere. While nobody expects it to “kill” the mighty iPod Touch, it appears from early looks like Microsoft might have eventually released a product that would at least challenge it. Latterly , Microsoft released the official specs for the Zune HD, but left out […]

Apple iPhone getting bad press

9 August, 2020 – 4:32 am |

His rationale? He was bored by ATT’s ( T ) bad coverage and bored with Apple’s ( AAPL ) heavy-handed limitations on iPhone apps. Add to them GigaOm founder Om Malik, who ditched his iPhone last Feb and The Long Island Times’ David Pogue, a real Apple lover, and we appear to have a blooming […]

Users of iPhone 3GS Satisfied

6 August, 2020 – 4:32 am |

With all of the Apple-bashing recently, you’d think that iPhone users — usually a satisfied lot — might be a little less excited with their selected smartphone. Not so, according to a new survey by RBC / IQ ChangeWave. The market researcher polled iPhone 3GS owners and discovered that a strange ninety nine % of […]

Motorola Hoping Android Can Help its business

6 July, 2020 – 4:32 pm |

Apple is at present king of the smartphone world. The classic iPhone has doubled in market share since 2008, rising to 10.8 p.c in the 1st quarter of 2009 from 5.3 p.c in 2008, according to Gartner. But Apple might be in for a Microsoft moment. Just as a powerful stream of well-heeled rivals like […]

Control iPhone via SMS

2 July, 2020 – 4:32 pm |

Analysts have discovered a technique to take total control over an iPhone only by sending special SMS messages and demonstrated it on my iPhone at the Black Hat security meeting on Wed. . Though an assailant could exploit the hole to make calls, thieve information, send texts, and do essentially anything that I should do […]

iPhone Security Threat

2 July, 2020 – 4:32 am |

I just got my new iPhone 3GS yesterday and the very first thing I did with it was get it jailbroken, just how I handled my iPhone 3G. On this occassion, it wasn’t actually because I was in major need of any additional functionality ( the 3GS now can do video recording out of the […]

iDisk finally comes to the iPod, iPhone

30 June, 2020 – 4:32 pm |

After more than a month of waiting, Apple has eventually brought its MobileMe iDisk application to iPod and iPhone users.  Originally said during Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Meeting in early July, the free iDisk app offers users of Apple’s MobileMe service a method to access files they, or their MobileMe contacts have stored on Apple’s servers. […]

Slacker Radio on iPhone

1 June, 2020 – 4:33 am |

Leave it to Apple to make Slacker look like a you know. Claimed on Tues. , Slacker Radio for the iPhone and iPod Touch is just as lip-smacking good as expected, and is prepared to give other streaming music apps like Pandora,, and Tuner Net Radio a thrashing. The app makes the best of […]

iPhone Nano Rumors

31 May, 2020 – 4:32 pm |

More iPhone Nano rumours are surfacing out of China, as some are beginning to wonder if the much-rumored small iPhone will ship in that area only. Digitimes picked up on a brief from the Commercial Daily Stories that chip makers Taiwan Semiconductor Producing Company ( TSMC ) and United Microelectronics Co ( UMC ) are […]

Telstra eyes Android phone

28 May, 2020 – 4:32 pm |

HTC, the company that made the G1 telephone for T-Mobile, allegedly is working on a new Android-based touch-screen telephone for Australian carrier Telstra. The gadget-focused Smarthouse writes Mon. it heard that word from a senior Telstra executive at the just-ended electronics Show in Las Vegas:. The screen is said to be larger than current offerings […]

New iPhone 5

3 April, 2011 – 5:32 pm |

We are back and the buzz surrounding the iPhone 5, including the possibility of an iPhone Nano, keyboard, 4-inch screen, A8 chip, NFC, 4G, GSM-CDMA chip, cloud computing, and more! Some rumors Better camera. The iPhone 4 is equipped with a digital camera 5Mpx, The iPhone 5 could include a camera 8Mpx or more. Without […]