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Neutral Tandem, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNDM), a leading provider of interconnection services, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Tinet, SpA, a global company based in Italy exclusively committed to the IP traffic and Ethernet market wholesale. The combination immediately expands IP-based network neutral in tandem at the international level, allowing end-to-end global delivery wholesale […]

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Test before trashing

Submitted by on 11 July, 2021 – 4:32 am

Again, I’m looking for middle ground – the balance in a world increasingly polarized.

Earlier this summer, I wrote a series of blog posts of Isthmus on electronic cigarettes. Has generated the most heated and prolonged debate on what I’ve written, it took me by surprise.

Why the hell did these cigarettes no substitute snuff generate such passionate responses, pros and cons?

Smoking, of course, has a long and controversial history in this country. Since the days of snuff executives to lie about the health risks of their products to our recent smoking ban statewide, cigarettes have generated an enormous amount of debate – and dollars.

Electronic cigarettes – smoking devices that seem real but do not contain snuff and tar, nicotine and the only fragrance that conveys a water-based vapor – are booming, due to smoking bans and the desire of the people quit.

Unfortunately, little research exists on the short and long term “vaping” and not federal regulations have been put in place to ensure even basic levels of safety or liability.

“This is a drug delivery device,” says Sandy Bernal, coordinator of the program in five counties of Free Life of Snuff. “Strength-wise, I do not know how people are really with it and of course we are always worried that this will end in the hands of those most vulnerable -. Minors – and then starts the nicotine graduate and regular cigarette use. ”

Bernier notes that the electronic cigarette distributors do not need any special permission from vendors and do not face any penalties if, for example, your website or mall kiosk does not exclude minors. These controls, however imperfectly enforced, rather than regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers, and the flavor of smoke juice “in it, argue that they are being as responsible as possible, even without regulators of respiration in the neck. Heidi Braun, the chief operating officer of Johnson Creek Enterprises, smoke juice manufacturer based in Wisconsin, responded to messages on my blog for inviting me to tour the facility.

I ended up in the small company’s plant, located halfway between Madison and Milwaukee. Braun and CEO, Christian Berkey showed all the guarantees are in place to prevent sales to minors. And the aggressive assertion rejected, pulled directly from the Food and the only major study of Drug Administration in the product, the juice of smoke contains antifreeze.

As a result, smoke juice contains anti-freezing agent quality food called propylene glycol. It is an ingredient also found in things like Frosty from Wendy’s, and long approved for human consumption. Braun and Berkey see the line of antifreeze, that the anti-snuff appears again and again, as a blatant distortion.

Berkey, who responded positively to a recent warning letter from the FDA of possible rule violations (said Johnson Creek Enterprises and agrees and welcomes the regulation out), I showed some of the letters of the company has received. The loan product correspondent improving their health and family relationships – issues also sounded in my exchanges with individual and corporate supporters.

For example, Patricia “smoked for over 30 years and tried everything from the patch to hypnosis to stop. I bought an e-cigarette for 15 months and left smoke in the first week. In fact I felt like nothing less than a miracle for me. A few weeks later, I could breathe again. My senses of taste and smell again. My cough disappeared, and so on. ”

Others agreed e-cigarettes allowed to break a bad habit after other attempts failed.

Even Maureen Busalacchi of Smoke Free Wisconsin, said, “If electronic cigarettes have helped people quit smoking, that’s great, and I’m glad you did.” But, he adds, “I think it’s dangerous to use something like a cessation product that has not been tested.”

This seems to be the main concern for health and consumer protection organizations. There are no rules for these things and even if any, the FDA is long overdue, and its methodology is often inaccurate or biased.

Small companies such as Johnson Creek Enterprises are probably not what we should worry about, but are only a small portion of the market. Today, many of the electronic cigarettes are imported from countries like China, which tend to have lower levels of security.

But no real progress was made until the investigation was difficult and clear regulations, implemented reasonable. Is not the lesson we should learn from the tobacco companies? Never jump blindly and trust?

Until both parties agree to pursue the middle ground, they will continue to collide. Proponents boost anti-snuff ban electronic cigarettes, while vapers and the cry of the industry need for a crusade overzealous.

As for me, a nonsmoker life, I must admit I prefer to spend a long car trip with a vaper instead of a smoker. But you still have doubts, as you would any other product tested that doses of a highly addictive drug. I have to hear that question, but also people who say that electronic cigarettes have improved their lives.

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